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Premium Local SEO & Online Marketing Services

For customers looking to explode their customer volume and drive their sales numbers to new heights, we offer a complete no-holds-barred marketing arsenal. These services are geared toward businesses in larger areas that have good search volume. Our customers have seen an increase in lead volume of as much as 4x over previous marketing efforts by other companies.

While we offer packages that will fit most businesses in most industries, we like to look at each business individually and assess what it will take to do our absolute best for you. Combining a comprehensive approach of proper on page optimization, White Hat SEO, Paid Advertising, and Social Media – our goal is to blow you away with both our level of service, and your new and improved customer call volume!

Premium Adwords Campaign Management for Local

We stop at nothing to ensure your total success when creating a premium Adwords campaign. We build out all of the necessary ad groups to hyper-target your industry. Detailed keyword targeting, meticulous split testing and ongoing bid optimizations are just a few of the details we strive to perfect. We will look at your specific market and recommend an ad budget and campaign size that will not only drive new business, but fit your very specific needs.

  • 5 Custom Created Ad Groups (and landing pages if needed)
    • Expert keyword targeting
    • $199 one-time fee+ $50/month for each additional Ad Group
  • Ongoing detailed Bid Price Management
  • Ongoing detailed Split Testing for Best ROI
  • Optimized Negative Keywords
  • Custom Campaign scheduling
  • Mobile optimized ads
  • Click Costs paid directly to Google by Customer

For click cost budgets over $2,000/month request a custom quote.

Google+ Local Page Ranking

plus-opt-rankingThis is an often overlooked aspect of SEO and online marketing. Ignoring Google+ is probably the biggest single mistake you could make. Studies have shown that in local markets, searchers tend to favor the “local” results over the standard organic results. That’s right; ranking in the “local” box can often net you more clicks and visitors than your own web site ranking very highly. For this reason, we offer our Google+ Local Page Ranking service. This is a proven winner and can drive more long term business leads than just about anything else.

  • Optimized Google+ Page for best ranking & ROI performance
    • Optimized header & logo graphics
    • Optimized business information
    • Fleshed out & optimized About section
  • Ongoing campaign to rank and maintain positions in Local Box results for your top keywords
  • Essential service for increased Search Traffic

Premium Tier Local SEO

As a business owner, you already know ranking your website highly in Bing, Yahoo and especially Google is an absolute must both for call volume and overall legitimacy for your brand. If you don’t show up on that first page, customers simply won’t find you. It’s that simple.

Each premium SEO project we take on is assessed individually, and custom tailored to fit the exact needs of the business we are serving. We throw our whole weight and knowledge at getting you the absolute best long term results possible. Our job is never done – our goal is to have you ranking #1 for all of your main terms, and to keep you there.

To that end, we do detailed market research and competition analysis for every premium SEO customer we take on. While our premium package fits most businesses, we want to ensure that we provide you the absolute best service possible, and will spend all the necessary time both researching and talking with you to develop a plan that will fit your business’ very specific needs.

  • Custom design
  • Custom header/logo (if needed)
    • Match design color scheme to header/logo
  • Full SEO campaign targeting your main market keywords
    • Market-beating SEO analysis of your main desirable keywords
    • Source external links from high quality & relevant industry/location specific websites
      • No tricks, no gimmicks & no spam – pure ‘Whitehat’ rankings built to outlast your competitors
    • Thorough monthly on-page SEO checks & tweaks
  • Up to 30 pages on-site
    • $50 one-time fee for each additional page over initial 30
  • Optimized For ROI – Calls to Action (phone & form)
  • High speed hosting (essential for SEO)
  • Monthly Search Ranking Report via E-mail
  • Monthly Traffic Report via E-mail
  • Optional Lead Tracking (requires separate tracking phone number)
    • Monthly Reports via E-mail
    • Proprietary Call Tracking Platform with Daily Call Lead E-mails

RKSD Comprehensive Local SEO & Marketing

comprehensive-packageWe know that there are customers looking for your business online, and we relish the chance to send them your way. We feel honored whenever a customer trusts us with the responsibility of handling all of their online marketing. With nearly 20 years of online marketing experience, we know how to put our knowledge to work for you, and are confident that we will be able to drive more business to your business than you have ever seen before.

Since we love a comprehensive approach, and want to say thank you for giving us this responsibility, we combine all of our best services for one competitive price! On top of that, we wave all of our usual set up fees.

If you are looking to drive your business to heights you only dreamed possible, strap in and sign on. We’ll send you all the traffic you can handle, and then some.

  • All of the above Premium Services in one comprehensive package
    • Save on combined monthly fees
    • Setup fees waived entirely
  • Reserve your market & your location
    • We will turn down our future services to your local competitors

*High Competition localities and services may require an in depth competition analysis and custom quote.

Starting Small

The above Premium services are proven ROI-boosting solutions for businesses serious about their growth. If you’re looking to take your local company’s SEO & Marketing to the next level, and drive the most results in the form of leads & customers – look no further.

However, some businesses may want to start small with a Basic Package. If that’s you, we’ve created a powerful combination of services (found using the button on the right) that will help start your business’ website on the right path towards an effective online marketing strategy.

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